Follow the Sun, Day 15 – Tannum Sands

Day 15, 28/7/2019 Sunday, Tannum Sands, 24

This place is so relaxing that this morning I jumped out of bed feeling as though I had finally caught up on my sleep. With gusto I dragged the ukulele out from under the bed and instantly botched the F chord. Poor Woody was groaning. You’ve guessed it, the nails are too long. Not only that, I still haven’t coloured my hair since last weeks’ haircut. I had put it off because I didn’t want to get caught with plastic wrap on my head when the fridge repairman called. In hindsight I should have given him the fright of his life it might have made him do a proper job. In addition we’re both getting campers feet. You know when they get to that colour that no amount of scrubbing will remedy. Now you know why seasoned caravanners buy grey sheets.

There’s great excitement in our corner of the camp, a frill necked lizard has wandered in for a drink at the tap been surprised by a camper and scampered…up a gum tree. We haven’t seen wild camels but at least we can tick frill necked lizard off the wildlife list.

Up close and personal with a Frill Necked lizard


The Willy Weather app tells me that it’s low tide again so while Woody does the shopping (he’s a shopping guru)  I head for the island. It seems like the whole town has the same idea and kids are playing in the deep holes left by the fast outflowing creek.

Families are walking their dogs and the sun blindingly glistens off the sea. In search of a shallower creek crossing the old muscles get toned up with 4kms of sand slogging.

Wild Cattle Creek, Tannum Sands, Qld
Tannum Sands, Qld

We spend a relaxing afternoon reading in the sun, exchanging free camp tips with the neighbours and learning to master the latest update to the WikiCamps app. It’s a hard life this caravanning caper.

Once more it’s warm enough to eat outdoors and cook up a salmon risotto. El & Elle Prado ring and tell us that there are midges at Tannum Sands. “None here at the moment” we blissfully tell them.

 Summary 0kms, water, toilets, showers, Accom $29.70, brush turkeys and a frill necked lizard

4 thoughts on “Follow the Sun, Day 15 – Tannum Sands

  1. Campers feet – tell me about it. Dry, heels starting to crack despite a tube of eulactyl heel balm, and sheets turning a lovely shade of red. We head into Broome today, fist thing on the shopping list is astiff brush with which to scrub my feet. First thing in the agenda is washing the sheets. – and yes these white sheets are to be replaced. I’m thinking blue sheets, blue is the colour of butchers aprons to hide blood red.


    1. Thanks Chris, you made me look down from the breakfast table. It’s not a pretty sight. My normally pasty white legs are brown but covered in bites, welts, bandaids and the feet don’t bear describing….but there’s a kookaburra cackling and I can hear the ocean pounding. Yep, it’s worth it!


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