Follow the Sun, Day 23 – Saltwater dreamin’

Day 23, 5/8/2019 Monday 1770 sunny 15 – 24

It’s nice to have a lazy morning listening to the peep of the oyster catchers. Vans shuffle about, one breaks his dolly wheel and sinks ungraciously into the dirt. Campers mutter and nod sagely, we’ve all had these mishaps. I’ve given up trying to keep the van clean on such a grotty site it’ll just have to wait until Yeppoon.

1770 roof palm
Our roof hatch view, hoping we don’t get bombarded by coconuts.

We settle into our chairs on the beach to watch the boats, fishermen and birds and salute the sunset again.

Hastened inside by the midges we dig out the final series of a Place to Call Home and this time we watch the episodes in the correct order which is a vast improvement on several years ago when we got the discs messed up and couldn’t figure out who got who pregnant.

1770 sunset 2
Sunset 1770, Qld

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