Mulambin Mumblings – A Load of Bull

Aug 2019, Rockhampton, Qld

We drive into Rockhampton (50kms, just down the road from Mulambin) to have dinner at the Great Western Hotel. That’s the bull riding hotel and we’ve been here before. Not only is this a seriously good pub but it has a large enclosed arena out back where bull riding and rodeo events are held. Tonight is junior bull riding and it’s a serious sport in these parts. The meal is enormous and the Pork Ribs the best I’ve tasted. The young bull riders put on a great show hanging on with grim determination but my poor sister in law looks horrified at the sight of small children being flung through the air by big old bulls with names like ‘Train Wreck’.

None of us had steak so at least we’re not guilty of eating the cast.

Great Western Hotel
Yep, they’re bulls in the dining room
Great Western Hotel 2
and these kids can ride horses faster than my phone camera can keep up

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