Mulambin Mumblings – Burgers in Byfield

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld

We take a drive out to Byfield National Park just 41kms north of Yeppoon. The day couldn’t be more perfect. The 11km detour out to Upper Stoney campground is rough and corrugated which has ‘Outback Jack’ Woody grumbling about his nice clean car and the moment that we step out of the now not so clean car we are set upon by hundreds of ravenous mosquitoes. We can’t get back in the car fast enough. Water Park campground is well worth the look, though we daren’t leave the car for fear of attack. The little weir has some water running over it and the camp sites do look inviting (a lot better and tidier than the campground we stayed in at 1770 and much cheaper).

Swimming Hole, Upper Stoney Campground, Byfield National Park, Qld

We stop at the Byfield general store for lunch, which is a wise choice. There is nothing more relaxing than this little timber cafe set amongst the rainforest. While we tuck into delicious burgers and wraps, cheeky blue faced honey eaters scamper about the tables looking for crumbs.

Byfield General Store, Qld

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