Mulambin Mumblings – Emu Park Market

Aug 2019, Emu Park, Capricorn Coast, Qld

Emu Park farmer’s market is under the shade of the beach almond trees in a pretty park sandwiched between the caravan park and the beach. The location lends to the atmosphere. The beach almonds with their large red and green leaves, the colourful stalls and glimpses of glittering ocean. At last we find pineapple jam and Joyce the jam maker tells us that she simply cuts the pineapple, boils it, adds sugar and pectin and that’s it. Bloody lovely, we reckon. We also buy her passionfruit butter which turns out to be equally lip smackingly good. We buy genuine Tasmanian curried scallop pies for lunch and as we stop to admire some landscape photographs of the local area printed on glass we overhear two women in the crowd…

“They’re quite reasonable aren’t they?” says one.

“Ah, shit yeah.” Says her friend.

Yep, Aussie vernacular at its best.

There are people walking dogs, small fluffy white ones, a Dachsund in need of a diet and a Great Dane the size of a small horse.  For the more adventurous there are camel rides offered by the camel man from up the road. And all of this to the backdrop of a great little trio belting out old standards that hang in the air and that makes me ever so briefly, homesick for my ukulele group.

Emu Park market, Qld
Emu Park, Qld

9 thoughts on “Mulambin Mumblings – Emu Park Market

    1. Beautiful coastal trees. I’m not sure how far south they grow but certainly from 1770 to FNQ. The branches have a layered structure and the large leaves are a delightful mix of red and green. In longing for a good scallop pie hubby found a recipe online, now he produces delights with his pie maker.


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