Mulambin Mumblings – Meeting Mates

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld

We’ve had a relaxing time in the Yeppoon area with Woody the Elder and my sister in law, the Really Good Golfer but before they head south to the Goldie (Qld speak for Gold Coast, as opposed to Sunny for Sunshine Coast) we’re joined by old mates ‘Double or Nuthin’ Daz’ and his missus ‘Shirley’ (as in “I’m not drinking tonight, my body’s a temple”).

The next day we welcome the Prado’s.

That’s right, El & Elle Prado, the folks that we set off to Darwin with last June when our engine blew up! They’ve been ‘up the guts’ to Darwin across to Cairns and down the east coast meeting us here. In fact, they’ve chalked up about 6000kms since we waved them off with long faces at Murray Bridge in South Australia. At our request they’ve brought us a supply of chutneys from Flaggy Rock (a day’s drive north of here and as good as Grandma used to make). Elle tells us that aside from all of their many adventures she lost a diamond near Alice Springs and of course they broke a caravan suspension spring in Ingham. With much to catch up on we roast a boned-out leg of lamb on Double or Nuthin’s Weber.

Dammit all we’re in no hurry why not stay here a bit longer?

Mulambin 4
Chutneys and pickles from Flaggy Rock, Qld. You’d go a long way to find better.

6 thoughts on “Mulambin Mumblings – Meeting Mates

  1. Your first paragraph really made me laugh, all those names you have for everyone, and everywhere. We stayed at Flaggy Rock a few years ago, it’s one of the most memorable places we’ve stayed at. From memory it was $5 a night with showers, loos, a swimming pool, fire pits, and a big grassed area. Back packers were definitely not allowed. The caretaker was a Vetitnam vet I think. He was great. What goes around, comes around, or so they say – in this case the El Prado.s. Pleased you’ve met up with them for part of the planned trip.


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