Mulambin Mumblings – A sensory walk on Mulambin Beach

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld

Mulambin Beach is an optical illusion, from a distance it appears to be smaller than it is. Down on the sand one can seemingly walk forever. And thus, most days we walk and walk.

Mulambin Beach, Qld

Gentle waves, little more than a ripple. Blue skies. Ocean racing yachts far offshore with colourful spinnakers. Islands dot the horizon.

The sound of the waves. Peeps of tiny birds in the bushes. Voices of people talking, away in the distance. Laughter. A boat engine.

Red tailed black cockatoos, a noisy flock in the beach almond trees. Ospreys soar high above the cliffs. Terns and little tiny peeping brown birds that scoot across the sand very fast.

Silent butterflies flitting through the salt air.

People walking dogs. Driving cars at the far end of the beach.

The smell of salt and the pong of a dead stingray washed high up on the beach.

Rocks stark, soft and washed smooth with pandanus sprouting from cracks.

Seaweed in tufts drying on the tidelines. A million tiny kelp whelks the size of a pen tip. Driftwood. Sand Dollars. Tiny Cowries. Lacy coral.

Crab holes, large and small. Sand bubbler crabs plying their trade, rolling balls of sand into intricate patterns. Sand worms building meringues of mud on the wet shore.

Drinking in the atmosphere of this seemingly endless beach, is it any wonder that we don’t want to leave?

Mulambin Beach it goes forever…
Sand Bubbler crab pattern surrounded by tiny whelks, Mulambin Beach

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