Mulambin Mumblings – Hotel California

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld

For some time now Woody has been saying that he’d like to spend winter in one place (and preferably not home) and this year after our failed trip to Darwin we thought FNQ* might be our objective. As we pressed on each stop became more enjoyable and we realised that we just needed to put our feet up. And rest.

Then Elle noticed that our park was offering a late winter deal online. By further extending our stay and applying the new deal three weeks here in one of our favourite parks averages out at $28 per night. That is a cheap holiday.

Our mornings feel even more relaxing knowing that we’ll be staying here longer. We shop in Yeppoon, walk on the beach and have a sunny happy hour in the camp kitchen as the vans pile in. Obviously, the deal is paying off.

Window View Mulambin
Our window view at NRMA Capricorn Yeppoon Holiday Park in Mulambin

It’s going to be hard to leave here, it’s a peaceful park. The pretty coastal towns are interesting, there’s plenty of seafood and the idyllic weather is just warm enough to relax us. We’ve extended twice and it’s becoming like Hotel California – “you can check out any time you want, but you can never leave”.

 *FNQ – Far North Queensland

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