Keppel Bay Sailing Club

Aug 2019, Yeppoon, Capricorn Coast, Qld

We all meet upstairs at the Keppel Bay Sailing Club for the cheap and delicious calamari that Double or Nuthin’ has been raving about. We meet Double or Nuthin’ and Shirley at the club as he’s been having another physio session and looks a bit dazed. Being of a certain age we can all sympathise with that feeling. No doubt a beer will help.

The room is beachy chic and a wall of windows showcases a magnificent view of the Keppel Islands and bay. Toothless Johnno talks some of us into having the Seafood Pie and I’m glad he did. Ok it wasn’t on the Seniors Specials menu but prawns, calamari and white fish in a creamy sundried tomato sauce is unbelievably good.

El Prado is so good at avoiding alcohol at lunch that Elle swears he should be canonized. I tend to wonder where we can buy a cannon and which way up we should put him in.

 2 days later…

The meal at the Sailing Club was so good that we booked another but this time we ordered the courtesy bus as well. Half the table had the Seafood Pie and the others shared the Seafood Platters which I might add came with a bottle of wine. Toothless took one look at the table filled with Moreton Bay bugs, prawns, oysters, mussels and fish and promptly declared “I’ve trained since I was 18 for this meal!” Good company, good food, very funny waiters and a lot of laughs. The view was pretty good too.

Keppel Bay Sailing Club, Yeppoon, Qld
Off the beach boats at Yeppoon, Qld

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