Mulambin Mumblings – Destocking

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld

With all of the recent talk of crackdowns on overweight caravans –

Woody woke in the middle of the night and declared that the van should be destocked.

“The rice cooker can go” he says “and the spare set of sheets.”

This from the man who stores beer in the ‘cellar’ under the settee, in the car fridge, under the bed and in his undie drawer! At last count (or is that stocktake?) there were 70 bottles of the frothy stuff! A man’s not a camel though is he?

Fishing boats, Ross Creek, Yeppoon, Qld

7 thoughts on “Mulambin Mumblings – Destocking

  1. Our last van was over weight and a constant worry. But I think the place to start reducing the burden is definitely with that heavy frothy stuff. There’s always a bottle shop nearby for re+stocking.


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