Follow the Sun, Day 54 Nambucca Heads

Day 54, 5/9/2019 Thursday Wooli to Nambucca Heads, hot 25

We wake up scratching. Bloody midge bites, so much for the gorgeous sunset. Midges or not it’s hard to leave this relaxing place with well maintained lawns and gardens, river frontage and plenty of birdlife.

We stop for a coffee in Woolgoolga (aka the Sikh town). We haven’t been here for years and we want to see how it has grown. It is much bigger and there is a second temple but we can’t smell the curry that was all pervading last time we camped here. The curve of beach is superb and people are enjoying the beach and surfing. It’s that kind of morning and already 24 degrees.

A nice backdrop to the shopping precinct. Woolgoolga Beach
The temple that once dominated the old highway
There’s nothing like a temple to brighten up the neighbourhood

As always there’s heavy traffic through Coffs Harbour, they’re desperately in need of a highway bypass but that won’t happen until at least 2024.

Good heavens, someone shrunk the Big Banana

Our favourite Ingenia White Albatross Caravan Park at Nambucca Heads has a stay for 4 pay for 3 deal so we book 8 nights. The park is busy but we are only one row back from the lake. After our month’s stay in 2017 it’s nice to be here again. Sadly our site doesn’t seem to have TV reception. A recurring theme on this trip. The surf pounds and roars like a freight train. We cook Jalapeno & cheese Kransky on the barbie, now where did we buy those? Oh, I know, that nice butcher in Yeppoon.

 Summary 151kms, power, water, toilets, showers, accom $26.25, no TV, fabulous surf


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