Nambucca Noodlings – A fiery sunset

Sep 2019, Nambucca Heads, NSW

We have another night punctuated with scratching, cursing and searching for the Stingoes. Those Wooli munchers really did a job on us and we’re such slow learners, we must remember that no happy hour can start until we’re suitably lathered in Bushman’s Spray.

Our site is on a busy corner but we do have a view of the lagoon and the popular V wall breakwater.

The Prado’s and Toothless & his missus Madam Secretary arrive just after lunch. Toothless is mumbling something about this trip having now taken them to all mainland states.

 The Tavern at the entrance to the park has a $1 oyster special so we have drinks on the deck and slurp oysters overlooking the river while watching a sickening glow in the sky. There’s an out of control bush fire up on the range at Ebor.

 Late in the evening another wind change with 50km gusts rocks the van sending campers scurrying out in their jocks to batten everything down. We don’t really get to sleep until it drops out at about 12:30.

A Bushfire Sunset at Nambucca Heads

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