Nambucca Noodlings -Smoky farewells

Sep 2019, Nambucca Heads, NSW

We wake to what appears to be a cloudy morning but no. It’s smoke again. The rising sun is crimson and visibility poor.

Bushfire sunrise, Nambucca Heads, NSW

The Prado’s leave for Bulahdelah and across to Mudgee.

After shopping we go up to the lookout to see what we can’t see. Not much as it appears.

Panorama Nambucca smoke
Nambucca Heads shrouded in smoke

Toothless and his missus arrive home! I guess they won the race that we didn’t know we were having.

We walk morosely and slowly pack up. Our 6 weeks of beach holiday is just about over.  Who knows what adventures are in store for us now.

Dewy footprints glow red in the bushfire sunrise – Nyambaga Trail

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