It’s a Grey Issue

The handling of grey water is a contentious issue for caravanners in this country. Some campgrounds don’t like people to drop their grey water because sullage hoses that aren’t moved regularly can spoil the ground. On the other hand, we’ve seen desert caravan parks that ask visitors to drop their grey water and helpfully move the sullage hoses around their lush lawns and garden beds for us.

That said, it was no surprise when I received this text from friends who for privacy’s sake I’ll call Crafty Colleen and Bob the Builder.

We drove into Charleville Bush Camp and a woman greeted us and asked if we had grey water tanks. Bob said No, we would prefer to water the trees. Apparently, the camp has been taken over by the CMCA (Campervan and Motorhome Club Aust). There were only 3 caravans at this beautiful spot and her (the caretaker who greeted us) brand new mega expensive motorhome. We were asked to leave as we cannot put a drop of grey water on the ground. Bob argued that the trees need water & we have no chemicals other than soap in our water. Her reply was Somebody may have a shower and by the washing of their bottom you could end up with faeces on the ground and it would kill the trees etc. Having said all that she asked us to leave, which we did. Forget the fact that most of the park was pure dust and dead weeds. Cow shit, etc all over the block.

I guess its about time we became more environmentally aware. Says Crafty Coll.

Out the back of Charleville, Qld

13 thoughts on “It’s a Grey Issue

  1. I can understand this in a huge heavily used site in a temperate climate but somewhere like that where obviously every single drop of water could help seems ridiculous. Her site will just die won’t it?


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