A bang in the night

My favourite time of the day in the caravan is late at night when everyone is asleep. I like to do a crossword or sudoku or a little macrame and just listen to the night noises, the call of an owl, the surf in the distance.

Now, just for a minute imagine the sound of a plywood cupboard door slamming. Now imagine that multiplied and echoing around a lightly built caravan (of plywood and thin plastic held together with glue and staples) when a couple of not so happy campers arrive late after a too long drive and start banging cupboards in an effort to cook dinner, shattering the peace.

Window view – Which of you buggers shattered the peace last night?

5 thoughts on “A bang in the night

  1. I’m always aware of the damn noise zips make, it doesn’t matter how slowly or quickly I try to open ours it seems like nails on a blackboard. (For anyone who’s only ever lived with Smartboards don’t even try to work that out.)


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