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Regardless of which team they barrack vote for the whingers are always complaining about the government of the day not doing enough for them. Has anybody noticed that in every town of a certain size there is an impressive Information Centre promoting regional tourism? Interesting buildings and it seems that no two are the same. Some grand some small.

You will always find enough parking for caravans, clean toilets, maps and guides detailing the attractions in the area along with helpful staff to provide information about local tours, road conditions and things of interest. You can find thoughtful gifts for the family back home and educational toys for the littlies too. While you’re there, ask if they have a water tap. Often, they provide a tap for you to fill your tanks with potable water as well.

Drop in for a chat, these guys are there to help you find your way.

Info Centre at Boonah, Qld

6 thoughts on “Info Centres

  1. Info Centres are usually staffed by local volunteers too, who love to share interesting places to go and things to experience in their home town. Very grateful they are there for us travellers 😊


  2. While I agree with you how great many of our information centres are we are still frustrated, sadly quite frequently, how often the staff (volunteer or otherwise) haven’t taken the time to explore their own backyards and can’t advise on places less than 50km away. Another pain point is centres only open Monday to Friday and no brochures left out for weekend travellers.


    1. I have met one staff member who suggested that “there’s not much to see around here”. That was in the Kimberley! And another who when I asked what the sights were he suggested himself! I reckon both were pulling my leg.


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