Monier Arch Bridge Fyansford

Nov 2019, Fyansford, Vic

The Monier (reinforced concrete) Arch bridge spans the Moorabool River near Geelong and was completed in 1899. It was designed and constructed by the engineering firm of Monash & Anderson. In 1905 John Monash established the Reinforced Concrete and Monier Pipe Construction Co. A military man at heart he went on to become the brilliant World War One military commander General Sir John Monash. He was considered to be the greatest living Australian. His engineering, military and organisational achievements have left many lasting legacies. His name is a constant in the daily lives of all Victorians, Monash University, Monash Medical Centre and Monash Freeway to name but a few. The name Monash rolls off the tongue so easily that sometimes it is easy to forget the great man that it honours.

Monier Arch Bridge, Fyansford, Vic

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