March 2018, Adelaide, SA

We get an early start so that we can visit the Adelaide Central Markets. It seems to be a popular spot for breakfast and we manage to snare a table at Lucia’s Pizza & Spaghetti for a hearty breakfast.  We buy Kessler chops and Weisswurst from Barossa Fine Foods.

The rain starts to drizzle again and it is quite muggy. We take a drive along the beachside suburbs admiring the houses. Polling booths are busy with voters queueing for the state elections and volunteers are cooking sausages.  Every power pole supports one or more Coreflute election sign. We hunt down some red cabbage to go with the chops.

Back at camp over dinner the Kessler chops are delicious and (after weeks of tracking down ancestors) I ask Woody what his mob (the Cornish) have given South Australia seeing that the Germans have left such a legacy of wine, smoked meats and smallgoods. “Pasties!” he says. Hmm, I can’t argue with that.

Adelaide Market
Francis Street, Kapunda, SA. Was this named after Woody’s Great Great Grandfather?

6 thoughts on “Legacies

  1. Definitely can’t argue with a Cornish Pasty! If you are ever again in SA you should try and get along to Kernewek Lowender, a Cornish festival held in the towns of Kadina, Moonta and Wallaroo on Yorke Peninsula. It was Cornish copper miners who played a big part in the establishment of these areas and there is plenty of history there. The festival is only held every other year, so the next one is in May 2021.


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