A smoky summer holiday

Jan 2020, Mornington, Vic

The Mornington Peninsula has long been known as Melbourne’s playground. Safe shallow and sandy beaches on its busier Port Phillip Bay shores mean that young families can throw down a few towels and let the kids run amok in the shallows. Shops, cafes, ice creams and cool pubs are only a short walk away. A perfect place to while away the summer holidays.

Mother’s Beach Mornington, Vic. Where I first learnt to avoid flying jellyfish. Yes they do fly when propelled by another six year old.
Mornington, Vic bathed in bushfire smoke haze, normally Melbourne CBD can be seen standing tall on the horizon but not today.

6 thoughts on “A smoky summer holiday

    1. An enormous area has burnt. In Victoria alone, roughly a third of the state and Victoria is approx. the same size as England. Most of the NSW coast. In SA more than half of Kangaroo Island our 3rd largest island. In the West fires cut the Eyre Highway which is the link between Perth and Adelaide. Sadly news of the fires in WA’s south has been eclipsed by what has been happening in the east. I’ve just read that the smoke plume has circled the globe and come back to us. Thanks for your concern Margaret. Being asthmatic oldies if the smoke gets too bad we’ll binge on Netflix.

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