Finding Skipworth

Nov 2013, Jamieson, Vic

We follow the now wild Goulburn River towards the town of Kevington.  Skipworth Reserve is a jaw dropper, one of the best. It’s a large park with shady ash trees and plenty of mown lawn. There are new drop toilets and concrete fireplaces with BBQ plates attached. There is a phone number nailed to a tree for the local wood man who delivers dry firewood, what a good service. The Goulburn River skirts the park and the sound of the rapids and the huge cicadas is both deafening and wondrous. There are about eight other vans here. One couple love it so much they have come all the way from… Jamieson, a mere 12kms from their house! When the sun goes down the cicadas finally stop. The night is warm and so we leave the pop top open and listen to the sound of the rapids. We follow the road all the way up to Woods Point to discover many more excellent campgrounds, well maintained and each with fireplaces for campers.

After caravanning for a little over a year this place teaches us that we can do much more exploring if we are just a little more self sufficient. Solar power and a bathroom are all we need.

Upper Goulburn River at Skipworth Reserve, Jamieson, Vic

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