Sex in the Sea and the Otway Ranges

Feb 2020, Otway Ranges, Vic

A short drive from Lavers Hill on the Great Ocean Road, you’ll find the Otway Fly set in the rainforests of the Otway Ranges. We old buggers give the flying fox experience a miss but gallop off to the walkways suspended above the forest. We probably walk several kilometres in all and climb the tower just to say that we still can. The tower appears to be swaying slightly in the breeze or is that the gums trees moving. Hang on we’re just giddy from the climb. Luckily, we have a botanist in our group and he has us all stooped over gawping at funghi and even digresses to the breeding habits of seaweed. Sex in the Sea who would have thought we’d learn about that in an ancient Gondwana Land forest?

Suspended walkways amongst tall gums at Otway Fly
Myrtle Beech an ancient species
Kangaroo ferns and a myriad of other ferns and mosses cling to the branches
Branches and bark, leaves and leaf litter, funghi and fronds, the forests of the Otway Ranges are awe inspiring.
Tree ferns seen from above

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