The Empty Esky Tour – Vaughan Springs


On Christmas Day 2019 we were enjoying the peace and tranquility of the Yackandandah Caravan Park and planning a tour of the Upper Murray area. There was smoke hanging in the air, a legacy of the bushfires around Sydney, some 500 or so kms to the north. On Boxing Day morning Woody had a bad feeling about travelling and suggested that we head for home. I rolled my eyes and with difficulty said ok, as his premonitions had come to fruition in the past.

Of course, by New Years Eve large swathes of the south east were on fire including all of the route that we’d planned to visit.

With a caravan club muster planned for Apollo Bay in February we decided that we’d gather up a few mates and continue on to visit the North East and to spend a few bucks to help boost the economy. Ok, we might be a small bunch of seniors but as my grandmother always said “Remember the old lady who peed in the sea, every little bit counts”.

We got off to a shaky start as the car was flashing transmission warning lights, which meant returning home for a few days after Apollo Bay for repairs. As soon as we could we were off again but still with a few days up our sleeves before the others could catch up. Veewee was dog sitting for friends who were on a cruise in the Indian Ocean and hoping and praying that they would be allowed to return home and be free from the Corona virus. El and Elle Prado were on another cruise ship doing laps of the Pacific as some ports had been cancelled, also due to the virus. Toothless and his Missus had work commitments. They’re young pups.

Esky: Car fridge

Day 1, Friday 21/2/20 Home to Vaughan Springs, sunny some cloud 21

We set off unsure of the car’s transmission and hopeful of the repairs but equally unsure of where we are going. After much kerfuffle we head up the Calder Highway mainly because we have a hankering for a curry pie at Grist Bakery in Kyneton. After a delicious pie we stop briefly and consider Kyneton Mineral Springs rest area before finally settling on Vaughan Springs as our destination.

We let the GPS direct us as so far today we’ve proven to be pretty well useless. Unfortunately Gary Garmin is no better and ‘he’ leads us on a circular corkscrew route through the heart of Castlemaine and back to Vaughan Springs.

We arrive at the campground to find four other camps and we quickly settle in.

Summary Fuel $86.36, Accom $0, 220kms

Kyneton Mineral Springs

No mining at Vaughan Springs

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