The Empty Esky Tour – Day 3 Vaughan Springs

Day 3, Sunday 23/2/20 Vaughan Springs, hot about 30

A few camps have left. We wake to the screeching of cockies. There’s no better sound on a hot morning than cockies screeching overhead.

We laze about and take things easy and in case you’re wondering, the town of Vaughan is a collection of old miner’s cottages. There are no shops, just the remnants of 19th century mining, a Chinese cemetery and the Mineral Springs reserve. The campground is quite small, but it is quiet and there are toilets and water is available. It is the perfect spot to put your feet up.

Cockies: Cockatoos

Summary: Fuel $0, Accom $0, kms 0

Well loved miner’s cottage, Vaughan Springs, VIC

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