The Empty Esky Tour – Day 2, Vaughan Springs

Day 2, Saturday 22/2/20 Vaughan Springs, warm

This camp is so quiet, yet below us the Springs Reserve is jumping with families having picnics and kids swooshing down the big old metal slide. It’s a perfect day for taking it easy and of course sliding at break neck speed down to the toilet block below. Which provides much amusement for the kids as oldies shoot down with their legs in the air.

Vaughan Springs is an historic mineral springs, the water having been discovered and preserved by gold miners. Stone toilet blocks, crazy paving and pretty old rotunda and train line give it a quaint old time park feel.

Double or nothing Daz and his wife Shirley (as in my body’s a temple) arrive in the afternoon and we cook Caravan Chicken.

Caravan Chicken:

Roughly diced chicken thighs marinated in whatever is in the pantry. This time it happens to be a glug of Sriracha sauce, a slurp of Hoi Sin sauce, a dash of light Soy sauce and a little Kecap Manis just to sweeten it. Throw the lot on the barbie hot plate until cooked and enjoy.

Summary Fuel $0, Accom $0, kms 0, Relaxation 100%


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