The Empty Esky Tour, Day 7 – Broken Creek

Day 7, Thursday 27/2/20 Broken Creek, mid 20’s

We have breakfast in the camp kitchen again as it is pleasant and sun filled.

My shower got a little cool, so afterwards I threw another log in the choofer. That takes me back to my childhood and the old chip heaters that used kindling for heating the water.

Double or Nuthin Daz and Shirley leave for home and a golf date. Silly buggers, who in their right mind would choose golf over caravanning?

We have a lazy day it’s warm and sunny and quiet…until that is, the 60th birthday party guests start arriving for a weekend of merriment.

At happy hour we have Dave a solo traveller, the Phillip Islanders, the Coppers and another couple, Tasmanians, also between homes. She is a particularly loud and animated woman who talks over her quiet well mannered husband. “Acreage!” She shrieks. “We have acreage.” She continues to itemise their possessions and house sizes until we all glaze over. The flies are bad today and she tells us that there are no flies on them because they use horse fly cream. “You can get it from an equine store!” As you can imagine we are having some difficulty trying to keep a straight face.Thankfully they adjourn to cook dinner on board leaving the rest of us to have a groan and a bloody good laugh.

Summary Accom $15 + $2 donation for power. Oops sorry I haven’t been recording our utilities.

Utilities: power in camp kitchen, water at tap, toilets, showers.

Fuel: $0

Kms: 0

3 thoughts on “The Empty Esky Tour, Day 7 – Broken Creek

  1. The cream/lotion is Nature’s Botanical – rosemary and cedarwood oils. It actually does repel flies, without the nasty chemicals of some repellents. I get it online, but it is used on horses too!


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