The Empty Esky Tour, Day 16 – Kergunyah

Day 16 Saturday 7/3/20 Kergunyah, Warm 28

This park is the best of both worlds, it is spacious with farm views and all the amenities of a caravan park.

The trees are turning golden with the first glow of autumn. We drive into Tallangatta which was a control centre for the fire fighters. The lake, man-made Lake Hume, is dry here. The last time we stayed in Tallangatta the water views were a feature of the caravan park. The town is busy for the local show is on. Instead we go out to the lookout over the Old Tallangatta town. The town was moved to its present location for the creation of Lake Hume back in the 1950’s.

The site of Old Tallangatta township

Not having the vans on the back we decide to drive up the Mitta Mitta Valley to check the suitability of Katie Peters Campground. Pigs Point Campground looks good although a little busy with long weekend campers. It is a long drive out to Katie Peters but situated on the Mitta Mitta River it is achingly beautiful. The campground is basic with a toilet and plenty of flat campsites beside the river. Willows dip and a trout fisherman is angling. We chat to a couple who are on their honeymoon, a planned trip to Italy having been cancelled.

Mitta Mitta River at Katie Peters Reserve, Vic
Spacious river sites at Katie Peters Reserve on the Mitta Mitta River, Vic

We return via the Eskdale Hotel (The Esky to the locals, how apt for us) for a beer and a snack. The shortcut over the range to Kergunyah is steep and winding but quickly forgotten when we realise that we’re in for a night of group sex and debauchery. Yes, it appears that Saturday is a day off for the Alpacas as they’ve been moved to a separate paddock and they can relax from their guard duties. There’s no doubting now which one is the male and the two girls are keeping him busy squealing with delight and frolicking.

The Eskdale Hotel, The Esky.

The guys cook beef and chicken on the Weber and Toothless declares that it will be “A three can cook”. A little while later we notice that he’s slowing his drinking to keep pace with the dinner!



Accom $33

Utilities: power, water, toilets, showers

Fuel: $0

Towing kms: 0kms

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