The Empty Esky Tour, Day 15 – Kergunyah

Day 15, Friday 6/3/20, Yackandandah to Kergunyah, sunny 15 – 28

Sheep Tales

The creeks have dropped, and the puddles have dried. Everything has been washed clean by the incessant rain.

We leave in a bit of a hurry as the boys don’t like to keep each other waiting and end up rushing about like headless chooks. Silly me, I gave Woody the OK to take the power before I’d finished breakfast then wondered why the coffee machine wouldn’t work. Instead we stop at the Laneway coffee shop for a takeaway coffee and I have an altercation with the barista. I admire Yack for being totally renewable but he offers me the choice of a ceramic mug that must be returned or a $2 plastic cup. As we may not come this way for a few years I grudgingly pay for the plastic cup which to my mind is hardly renewable.

The Kergunyah Caravan Park is beautiful with wide grassy sites under shady liquidambars and ash trees. Autumn leaves flutter to the fluffy grass. Paul our host is cheery and helpful and also runs the General Store beside the park. As well there is a flock of Dorper sheep tended by three Alpacas. Between us and the sheep paddock is a small watercourse which Paul assures us will quickly dry as it is an overflow from the nearby Kiewa River at the back of the park. Being just off the road to Mt Beauty we are surrounded by high hills and glorious vistas and of course sheep.

Kergunyah Caravan Park

We settle in to watch the sheep and try to guess which Alpaca is the male. Toothless and his missus being younger, are restless. They keep driving off and returning, halfway to Mt Beauty, then to Wodonga, then Tangambalanga (cripes there’s nothing there). We oldies watch the sheep, the slowly receding floodwaters and of course the Alpacas.

Kiewa River flooding the paddocks at Kergunyah. Vic

Now to explain, Dorper sheep don’t have to be shorn, they are grown for meat. Their wool clumps in knobbly bunches (a bit like Bob Marley on a bad hair day) and then falls off which probably explains why they roll about on their backs a lot waving skinny legs in the air.

Funny but cute Dorper sheep

Naturally the happy hour discussion is sheep related and we’ve already named one sheep, with a wig like mass on its back, ‘Tony Mokbel’ after the Melbourne criminal who was caught in Greece wearing a dodgy wig. We later realise that Tony is pregnant. We’re not all that observant which is probably why we haven’t resolved the genders of the Alpacas yet.

The sun sets pink behind the range and we cook outdoors.

Sunset Kergunyah, Vic


Accom $33

Utilities: power, water, toilets, showers

Fuel: $0

Towing kms: 31kms, wow that was a big day


Chooks – chickens

Dodgy – sus

Sus – poor quality

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