Go West, Day 3 – Mildura

Monday 9th March 2015 weather pleasant

Charlton to Mildura

A beautiful morning, with Veewee we leave the Ollies cooking a farewell breakfast for the family and head off to Mildura. Sea Lake is a quiet stop for morning tea and the drive is all wheat paddocks and Mallee scrub. Signs warn us to watch out for Mallee fowl but I think they’re somewhat optimistic. The Ollies are about an hour behind us and at Buronga Caravan Park we splash about in the pool. I guess we should enjoy the green grass while we can as we probably won’t see a lot more until we’re around Albany. Dear diary, did I mention that Imelda bought another pair of shoes today, this van is crammed with shoes a pair for every possible occasion.

Buronga is as lovely as when we last stayed here. Ducks and ducklings waddle about the lawns and the paddle steamer PS Melbourne toots each time it passes by. There are carvings in the tree trunks a when the sun goes down a thousand fairy lights twinkle in the gardens. Already I want to return.

Note: The town of Buronga is on the New South Wales side of the Murray River, the city of Mildura which is in Victoria is on the south bank. Did I say that I wanted to return? The next time we were to stay in this park a fellow went berserk with a gun! I’d still like to go back there though.

Towing Kms: 301Kms

Go West Day 3
A northerly trek to go west. Map Source: WikiCamps
Carved tree trunk at Buronga Caravan Park

6 thoughts on “Go West, Day 3 – Mildura

  1. That tree carving is really impressive. I have no idea how they know where to start when creating something like that. It’s a real skill isn’t it?


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