Go West, Day 10 – Cocklebiddy

Day 10

Monday 16th March 2015

Nullarbor Road House to Cocklebiddy

Nullarbor Roadhouse, SA

We were woken about 5:00am to strong winds, lightning and big plopping rains that wash some of the dirt off the rig. Dramatically the storm quickly passes east across the plain.

With tears in our eyes we farewell Veewee & Tillie who are heading home to sort things out. We will miss Veewee’s companionship and wit and Tillie’s big slurpy kisses. Travel safely and get back on the road again soon guys.

For the caravanners reading this, the Nullarbor Road House provided us with a great spot for the night when we were all stressed. The amenities were spotless. Ok they did charge $1 for a shower, but what a shower and the campground does have a good friendly ambience.

We pick up the Ollies at Bunda Cliffs and drive to the WA border quarantine point. I think we must have read the booklet in reverse because we had all of our remaining fruit and vegetables confiscated except for one carrot (it somehow missed last night’s stir fry) and a bag of lettuce leaves. Poor Woody is frantically unlocking hatches and Eskies whilst trying to eat the last banana. I offer the officer the drugs under the bed (3 months supply of prescription medicine). “I don’t do drugs” she says. She later returns with said carrot, holds it up and says “you can have this back.” I can read Woody’s mind.

Bunda Cliffs, Great Australian Bight
The encroaching dunes, Eucla, WA
Old Telegraph Station ruins, Eucla, WA

At Eucla we visit the Old Telegraph Station before driving through to the Cocklebiddy Bush Camp where we set up on a gravel pit beside a large sink hole. I do hope it doesn’t swallow us up.

Cocklebiddy gravel pit rest area. At least it’s level.
Go West Cockle
Map Source: WikiCamps

Travelled Kms: 460Kms

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