Go West, Day 31 – Yallingup

Day 31

Monday 6th April 2015


After such a sunny Easter we wake to grey skies and a fierce cool breeze and locals rugged up in jumpers and woollen scarves. Now come on folks it’s not cold, just not warm for once.

We wander about the area, visit Canal Rocks, Margaret River and Cowaramup (which has dozens of cow statues, lazing and grazing) and marvel at the grass trees.

Accom: $23.75

Travelling Kms: 0

Canal Rocks, Yallingup, WA

Note: After too many days of celebration and inebriation we chose to have a quiet night in with a bit of tele. We threw a lamb roast in the oven and settled down to watch a few more episodes of Downton Abbey. The roast was smelling fantastic but seemed to be taking forever, then we realised…the gas bottle had run out. If you’d ever wondered why they put 2 gas bottles on most caravans, well it’s for idiots like us who get engrossed in British TV drama. A quick dash out into the cold to switch to the other bottle and the lamb was underway again.

Margaret River, WA

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