Go West, Day 30 – Yallingup

Day 30

Sunday 5th April 2015

Yallingup, WA

We sleep in and spend most of the day trying to feel remotely human again. Until late afternoon that is when we return to Dunsborough for a post wedding BBQ. Tomorrow most of the guests will have to return to their daily lives.

The party drifts upstairs and down and across the lawns to the beach when someone calls out “quick there’s a red moon”. We drop everything and run to the beach and to the north there is a perfect red moon rising over Geographe Bay, its golden light shimmering on the water.

It is particularly sad to have to farewell all our Kiwi mates and J & D and the wee boys who will be flying home to London soon.

Our thanks go to our mates T & C and Megsy’s mum S for putting on a real “slap up do”.

Yallingup Telstra Exchange

And thanks go to the artist who shall remain nameless. Yallingup now has a new landmark.

Accom: $23.75

Travelling Kms: 0

Note: As I edit this journal I realise that in Camp Corona fashion I’m wearing a T shirt that I purchased at a Margaret River winery back in 2008. Still wearable but no longer suitable to be seen in public, perfect clobber for isolation. And what a perfect way this was to journey to a Margaret River wedding but the story doesn’t end here, we’re only getting started.

Glossary: Clobber = Clothing

2 thoughts on “Go West, Day 30 – Yallingup

  1. What great memories. I’m surprised you have to explain ‘clobber’. It’s all but standard English here. Not in Australia? It sounds quite Australian to me!


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