Go West, Day 51 – Kalbarri

Day 51

Sunday 26th April 2015 light cloud, warm


The Murchison River is WA’s second longest and has a catchment area larger than Tasmania. This rather pleasant river has created a spectacular gorge in the Kalbarri National Park not far from the farm. We find the desert plants fascinating and are shouting out “look there’s another pink one” (flowers) while poor Double or Nuthin’ maneuvers over the corrugations. Nature’s Window lookout happens to be wall to wall today, with tourists, and one guy comments that perhaps we should book our turn in the window. Woody particularly likes the Indian tourists as they treat every photo like it is a portrait sitting and they shout very specific instructions to the photographer.

Back in Kalbarri we buy kangaroo sausages from the butcher and he asks “Do you want flies with that?”

Accom: $22.00, facilities: fabulous old country bathroom with flushing toilets and good old fashioned showers.

Travelling Kms: 0

Nature’s Window a popular spot for a portrait
Murchison River Gorge, Kalbarri National Park, WA
Murchison River Gorge, Kalbarri National Park, WA
Murchison River Gorge, Kalbarri National Park, WA
Grass Tree in flower Kalbarri National Park, WA
Murchison River mouth at Kalbarri, WA

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