Go West, Day 76 – Pardoo Station

Day 76

Thursday 21st May 2015, patches of dark clouds

Pardoo Station

Now that we’ve adjusted to the climate of this latitude it is very pleasantespecially the warm dry breezes. The Pardoo homestead has a high spreading roof over the darkened verandah. The verandah has tin walls that lift to catch the breezes. The only phone reception that we can get is out on the central lawn between the general store, the cafe and the homestead. Yes, you read that correctly, the café and I thought that we were in the bush. 

Phone reception takes up a lot of our conversation these days and it goes something like “how many bars have you got? One or two? One, oh that’ll drop out.” This in mind we sit on the lawn trying to download a ‘must have’ app and it takes forever and we watch real Cowboys swagger across the lawn for a meeting in the homestead and we read instructions on the wall on how to handle snakebite. By the looks of the snake ID pictures I reckon you’d need more than a compression bandage bearing in mind that the nearest hospital is about 200kms away. In the well-equipped camp kitchen there is a sign:

Camp Kitchen BBQ area Pardoo Station

Accom: $35.00

Travelling Kms: 0

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