Go West, Day 83 – Broome

Day 83

Thursday 28th May 2015, warm again


We spend another morning captivated by Broome’s colourful history at the museum. Then whilst meandering the back streets (we’ve thrown away the map now and cast our fate to the wind) we find a wholesale butcher with such delights. Whole octopus wrapped up in plastic and looking more like a Xmas pudding. Crocodile mince, crocodile burgers and emu mince and we’re just as excited to find good old fashioned thick pork sausages.

Broome Museum

Tonight it’s off to see the sunset again at Cable Beach with the Ollies and M & C who being camped nearby are saving us a good spot. I race up the northern end of the beach to get a few shots of the camels but it becomes a bit of a farce and something more akin to a four wheel drive commercial. There are more 4wd’s than camels and one has to be careful not to get run over.

This driving on the beach caper still bewilders us. Cable Beach, WA

We chat on the lawns until quite late, after all 9:00pm is late for nomads. The whole time that we are there a backpacker lies against a tree chatting on the phone, three and a half hours in fact. If he was calling France I hope it was reverse charges!

Accom: $41.58

Travelling Kms: 0

5 thoughts on “Go West, Day 83 – Broome

  1. We drive up the beach most days and find a nice quiet spot. Can you imagine how crowded the main beach would be if they banned vehicle access to the beach. There are literally hundreds of vehicles exiting the beach after sunset each day. We often take drinks, a one burner gas ring and our dinner to cook as the sunsets. Only when the tides are right though. Magic!


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