Go West, Day 84 – Broome

Day 84

Friday 29th May 2015, warm again 34 degrees


We have a lazy day just enjoying this lovely caravan park. We have new neighbours. The couple on our right are from NSW and have stayed here 15 times, yes they like it here. In fact they’ve just sold their house to go on the road permanently. On our left is a couple from SA. He’s a retired maintenance man and she was a house mother in a boarding school. They do short term postings at caravan parks and farms, they were even rat catchers on a pig farm. They’re on their way to take up a posting at a station that is run by the Indigenous Land Council, where young people are trained in station work. She’ll be the cook starting at 4:30 each morning.

The Ollies drove out to Willie Creek Pearl Farm for the day. They returned without pearls though. Double or Nuthin’ cooked us pizzas for dinner and they, the pizzas were pearlers. The evenings here are balmy.

Have I mentioned the coffee? The Kimberley Coffee Company only retails at the weekend markets but they do take orders online. We ordered on Monday they roasted on Tuesday and delivered it to our park on Wednesday in time for breakfast. Aah.

Accom: $41.58

Travelling Kms: 0

Thanks Kimberley Coffee Company

Note: One of the things that caravanning has taught us is the variety of fascinating jobs that are available to people with common sense and initiative who are not afraid of a bit of hard work outside of the cities.

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