Banned on the Run, Day 6 – 16 – Dodging Covid in Nambucca Heads

A change of pace now as I’d rather not bore you with the musings of a bunch of old farts who doze in the sun…quite a lot, while waiting for winter and this deadly virus to be over. For the next few days I’ll endeavour to capture the highlights of our stay in Nambucca Heads.

It is wonderful to be back here. The five of us take things very easy and try to catch up after the drive. After months of doing very little and cooped up inside under lockdown the drive felt much harder than normal.

It’s lovely to lie in bed listening to the whip birds calling to each other, the male calls the long ‘whip’ sound and the female answers with the ‘crack’. That sure tells us that we’re away from the city.

A visit to the supermarket proves that everyone is doing a pretty good job of social distancing, even the park staff are working hard to keep the facilities sanitised. The width of caravan sites means that we are far enough away from our neighbours. The five of us travelling together work as if we are a family unit living together. When we are lucky enough to get three sites in a row it is all the better as we have a much larger area all to ourselves. Whenever we go for a drive we use two cars so as not to be seen to be flouting the rules.

Work is being done on the V Wall breakwater here to strengthen it and we regularly hear thunderous rumbles as another load of rocks is dumped for placement.

The whales are heading north and some have been seen close inshore at Shelly beach.

We agonise over where we will go while we wait for news on the QLD border opening. We’ll certainly book another 3 days here a more heavenly place would be hard to find.

The V Wall at Nambucca Heads is filled with artful delights

13 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Day 6 – 16 – Dodging Covid in Nambucca Heads

      1. You’re so lucky you were able to get out of Vic. before the current explosion of cases. Being self sufficient you should be able to relax and sit it out in the warm.


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