Banned on the Run, Day 6 – 16 – The pub with a church once had no beer

June 2020, Taylors Arm, NSW

Our park neighbours from Armidale are glad they’re here as snow is forecast up on the tableland. So close and yet such a different climate.

We drive to Macksville and on up through rolling hills scarred by last years bushfires, to Taylor’s Arm and the infamous ‘Pub with no Beer’. Yep, the one that Slim Dusty sang about all those years ago. The patrons are well distanced and yet the pub is quite busy, for a Monday. Everyone is doing their best to stay apart. We grab a table by the fire and order the burgers. The tucker is good here and one would never go home hungry.

Behind the pub and beside the bat colony there is an old church from over the hills at Talarm, it was moved here back in 2001 and is used for pub functions. We understand why they’ve decorated the walls with beer cans but the pile of mattresses in the corner has us baffled. Saturday nights must be quite a hoot up in these hills.

Taylors Arm countryside, pretty as a picture
Talarm Church, no longer at Talarm
Looks like they’ve replaced the pews with mattresses
The Pub with no Beer, now has plenty and a church

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