Banned on the Run, Day 6-16 – Any Day

June 2020, Nambucca Heads, NSW

Woody cooks crumbed brains for breakfast, outside thankfully!! And while I’m walking on the beach.

We learn that we can’t extend our stay here. After much deliberation we settle on Moonee Beach which VeeWee recommends.

A walk along the river to the seafood shop yields more than sushi and delicious blackfish. A pod of dolphins are powering upstream fishing in the river. Hundreds of fish are easily visible in the water.

I greet a bloke at the clothesline and he replies with “Any day I don’t get planted is a good day.”

The Covid case rate is still rising in Melbourne. We may feel a little homeless but I’m glad that we’re up here as it is better for our mental wellbeing. Every night there is one and a half hours of Covid and financial recession news on the TV. If we were at home we’d be glued to it like rabbits caught in the headlights.

We decide to have happy hour in the camp kitchen as this park has an excellent one, but folks aren’t being mindful of the rules and moving tables about. We’re all a bit on edge and give up, returning to the safety of our vans.

Dolphins in Nambucca River

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