Banned on the Run, Day 18 – Woopi Do!

Day 18 Sunday 28/6/20 Moonee Beach, cool breeze sunny 19

The kangaroos have been on the beach before me

Woody walks up the hill to buy a paper then cooks kidneys in gravy for breakfast. Not wanting to stick around I choose to walk the beach. I find kangaroo prints in the sand.

Cheesed off by bird poo on the roof of the RV and a little worried about the gumtree they’ve been roosting in, VeeWee moves to another site opposite us and then can’t get TV. Which wouldn’t be so bad but the Brisbane Lions are playing today and she never misses a match. Elle bakes banana muffins.  Leaving VeeWee to watch the game on the small screen (we know from past experience that she is a very noisy footy fan) we take El & Elle to Emerald Beach, a busy surf beach in an attractive suburb with stunning ocean views. We continue on to Woolgoolga or Woopi as the locals know it. It is seriously windy up on the headland but busy with people staring out to sea searching for whales. We buy fresh sweet blueberries and visit the new Sikh temple. A strong Sikh community have lived in this area for generations growing bananas and blueberries. We take the Bucca Road up into the hills town of Nana Glen just to get a feel for the area where Russell Crowe lives (not realizing that he is currently holed up here) and what a beautiful area it is. Hilly with lush green paddocks and tracts of bush land.

We sit outside until about 6pm then raid the freezer to empty it a little.

Accom: $36.00

Travelling Kms: 0

Note: We southerners pronounce Nana Glen as Nanna Glen, we learn later, from the radio, that it is Nah Nah Glen.

The newest Sikh temple in Woopi

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