Banned on the Run, Day 19 – Covid Dancing

Day 19 Monday 29/6/20 Moonee Beach, 19 forecasted rain was a sprinkle.

The blueberries we bought in Woolgoolga are large and sweet and perfect for breakfast. Elle & El Prado go into Coffs Harbour for haircuts. We too go to Coffs taking VeeWee and little poodle Nic and a long shopping list which means a  tiresome day of driving in circles, in traffic. Gosh we hate traffic. I do get to buy a pair of jeans and a warm coat to guard against the colder than expected outdoor evenings. Perhaps my outlay will be enough to force Qld’s premier to let us in to Queensland. VeeWee buys a small vacuum cleaner for the Motorhome. Then there’s groceries, vegies and booze and all that stocking up entails. By 1pm we’re starving and head to the wharf for fish and chips only to find that they’re closed! It’s Monday of course, bloody Monday gosh grey nomads hate Monday. It’s back to Moonee Beach shopping centre for some dreaded take away but by now it’s late and most have closed for the day. We duck into the supermarket for a reliable BBQ chook, but they’re sold out, we grab a pack of lasagne only to find that it needs 30 mins in the oven. We give up and make a sandwich for what is now afternoon tea. Is it any wonder we hate shopping and even more so now that we have to duck and weave and Covid dance around people who, whilst shopping, seem to temporarily forget there’s a pandemic on.

We have happy hour in the camp kitchen as the setting sun bathes the surf beach in golden light.

Outside I cook a stir fry for dinner and just finish as light rain begins to fall.

Accom: $36.00

Travelling Kms: 0

Moonee Beach Camp Kitchen view of Split Solitary Island

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