Banned on the Run, Day 21 – Scaling new heights

Day 21 Wednesday 1/7/20 Moonee Beach sunny 21

An early morning walk on the Woolgoolga headland and fossick on the beach is enough to get the heart pounding. My phone says that I’ve walked one kilometre and climbed 7 storeys. I’d say that is pretty accurate. The path is steep and amusing to see a unicyclist trying to pedal up it only to give up moaning about his quads. His quads are not the only ones, this old duck is buggered.

Elle cooks lamb pies for lunch using the leftover roast lamb. They’re heaven in a pastry parcel and before you ask, yes she did bring her pie maker.

VeeWee is waiting for a tv antenna guy to assess her damaged TV plug. I endeavour to sketch her van while she makes a chocolate slice. The others walk up to the headland.

The border situation is still causing consternation but eventually the answer seems that we must fill out a statutory declaration at the border stating that we’ve been out of Victoria for more than 14 days. Actually, it will be a month by then. Woody is just about over emailing and ringing government departments and our mate at Tweed Heads.

Case numbers are still rising in Victoria and testing has been stepped up.

We book 3 nights at Alstonville Showgrounds which, we hear is packed with waiting nomads. By then we’ll be close enough to the border for the supposed opening on the 10th.

To think that I used to chuckle about those quaint old pre-federation border towns handling border crossings. It’s now a reality once more.

We make a mushroom sauce and add a delight that we’ve found somewhere, Mamma Emma’s Gorgonzola filled gnocchi. With a slurp or two of cream it is delicious.

Accom $36.00

Travelling Kms: 0

7 storeys, yep I reckon it is. Woolgoolga Headland
Woolgoolga beach south of the headland
Moonee estuary mouth

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