Banned on the Run, Day 22 – Septuagenarian Scramblers

Day 22 Thursday 22/7/20 Moonee Beach, warm sunny 22

For anyone who loves the coast there’s plenty of walking to be done here.

Woody takes a long walk up the beach while VeeWee and I and the dog, cross the creek and clamber over rocks that old ladies shouldn’t clamber over to the little beach at the river mouth. From which point there’s only one option and that’s to haul ourselves on all fours with the aid of tufts of grass almost vertically to the crest of the headland. Bugger, we can’t see any whales. It is a perfect afternoon.

The estuary is mesmerising, although we must be vigilant this is much easier on the mind than being back home where the hotspot suburbs have gone back to Stage 3 lockdown (only going out for essentials and exercise) and the fear that the virus is lurking. The caravan park software is now highlighting Elle and El Prado’s suburb in red.

Back home Double or Nuthin’ and Shirley Temple are still deciding whether to head north or stay in lockdown as their suburb still allows travel.

The easier route to the headland but, not today for us girls we’ll climb on all fours
The view south from Moonee Beach headland
And one for the twitchers, a Willie Wagtail perched on the headland marker

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