Banned on the Run, Days 37 – 50, Taking to the water

July 2020, Wooli, NSW

The Solitary Islands Resort Park is nestled between the Wooli River and swathes of the Yuraygir National Park and is quiet now as the school holidays are over and most families have gone home.

With the kiddies gone VeeWee and I take to the water in the free kayaks. Thankfully neither of us have lost our water skills and have fun scooting about the water. It’s probably fortunate that this year’s olympics have been cancelled though as we’re not quite up to speed. To feel the peacefulness again of floating on water without a sound is heavenly. Parts of the river are barely a metre deep. Pelicans stand like sentinels on poles. Not deterred by us egrets perch on the floating barges of the oyster farm. Aah the serenity, until we’re back onshore and have to get out of the bloody things!

Off we go into the wild blue yonder of the Wooli River

The birds here are a joy even the Brush Turkeys like the one who is pecking our guy rope noodles to bits.

The boys wander next door to the pub for a beer ‘off the tap’, something they really missed when we were in lockdown.

Covid cases are still rising in Melbourne and Sydney. We try to keep abreast of the situation without letting it depress us. We’re so grateful to be out here and must make the most of keeping our sanity.

Mmm, this green stuff tastes good!

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