Banned on the Run, Day 44 – Rain of biblical proportions

Day 44 Friday 24/7/20 Wooli, wet 18

Rain of biblical proportions

What looked like rain tracking to the north of us has arrived. It’s so difficult to predict the weather of unfamiliar regions, we flick from weather app to weather app.

The showers are almost constant and though we’re on sandy sites the puddles grow. We all potter about indoors finishing books and dragging about in general. I ferret out the trusty gum boots.

We decide to have our happy hour upstairs all warm and dry in the Top Deck camp kitchen lounge. We chat with a staff member who is here on a 457 work visa from Birmingham who has fallen for Wooli and has applied to stay. Such incredibly different places.

Solid rain above us and I do like the ad for flood restoration

What’d you say?

Woody is having problems with his ears and as we stand to leave he has balance problems. His hearing has almost completely gone. He sleeps for an hour, wakes disorientated then slowly comes good.

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