Banned on the Run, Day 45 – Huh? is for Hospital

Day 45 Saturday 25/7/20 Wooli, bloody wet 16

After a good night’s sleep Woody is much better but can barely hear with hearing aids. Around lunchtime we drive into Coffs Harbour, mask up and enter the Emergency Department. Our temperature is checked and we pass the necessary Covid questions. A man and his little girl enter. The nurse asks “Have you been to Melbourne or Sydney?” “No” he replies “and I’ve never even been to Melbourne.” “We’ve been to Grafton!” Says his daughter proudly.

Woody is checked thoroughly for possible heart and stroke issues and the problem is suspected to be wax in his ears. We return to camp armed with a bottle of ear drops to be met by a smiling Elle with two yummy chicken and vegetable pies. Thankfully Woody’s taste buds are still working.

…and the water creeps up

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