Banned on the Run, Where the waters meet

August 2020, Evans Head, NSW

Briefly escaping our feral neighbours at Evans Head and with VeeWee and Nic in the back seat we drive over to Coraki just to see what’s there, as so many roads in these parts seem to lead to it. Following the GPS we find ourselves on an unmade and corrugated road and cursing that Coraki better be bloody well worth it. And yes, it is. We find an old town that was once much larger and busier than it is now. Situated at the joining of the Wilsons River and the wide Richmond River, charming old two storey buildings face the river that once was the district’s lifeline and transport hub. The town now boasts being the Capital of Ti Tree which is grown for oil. There is a riverbank caravan park and the busy publican tells us that it costs $81 for 4 nights for seniors. Jubilant we return via the ‘good’ road to tell the others of our exciting new find.

Where the waters meet, Coraki, NSW

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