Banned on the Run, Days 62 – 64 – Getting Itchy Feet

Aug 2020, Evans Head, NSW

We’re getting itchy feet again especially after our feral neighbour experience. We cook burgers in the camp kitchen and toss up where we’ll go next. Boy that’s an easy decision, we’ll go to Coraki rather than taking up our option of a third week here.

The Prado’s drive into Ballina to do some shopping and decide to have lunch at the RSL Club which is a favourite of ours as the meals and the view of the Richmond River are excellent. But lunch isn’t to be, they are knocked back for being from a Victorian hotspot. Even though they haven’t been home for 2 months and we’re hoping that Ballina residents who have visited Sydney hotspots are questioned before entry. These are trying times.

We stumble upon a pet food distributor in the local industrial area. Frontier Pets. When VeeWee went in to enquire they asked her to bring little Nic in for a taste test. Sure enough, their dog food passed the test and bags of it were loaded on board the motorhome.

We crumb local snapper for dinner. Now readers when was the last time that you crumbed fish beside your bed? Such is the problem of cooking in a caravan and believe me it takes precision, but not one single crumb landed on the bed.

New Zealand has 4 Covid cases and Auckland has gone back into Stage 3 lockdown.

NSW is contemplating mandatory masks.

Our final day at Evans Head is one out of the box. The warm morning inspires us to do a bit of spring cleaning prior to our move. Vans are being scrubbed and washing is drying.

For dinner we order take away Asian from Evan’s Kitchen and wish that we’d done so earlier in our stay. The pickup system is contactless and swift, the meal excellent. Why is it that you always learn the good stuff on the last day?

Evans Head, NSW

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