Banned on the Run, Day 70 – A shitty start

Day 70 Wednesday 19/8/20 Coraki, strong wind 25

Not the place that you want to grope around in

As we leave the park to go shopping in Lismore we notice VeeWee on her knees at the dump point with El Prado giggling his head off nearby (he’s a good giggler). Dressed like a vet delivering a difficult calf, VeeWee is wearing garbage bags up to her elbows and she’s groping down the chute with a pair of kitchen tongs trying to retrieve the slide from her toilet cassette. After several attempts and a lot of giggling on El Prado’s behalf she finally manages to grip the slide and yank it out of the sewer. Those tongs are quickly despatched to the bin.

We drive into Lismore for Woody’s blood test and a bit of shopping in ‘the big smoke’.  By the time we return a strong wind has sprung up. Loud mouth’s awning is bent but safely secured, El Prado having rescued it from further damage while the Loud Mouths were out touring.

We’re starting to feel guilty about not having had a meal at the pub, after all it is just behind us. We don’t have great expectations but toddle across the road and are greatly surprised. It is a cosy pub with great meals and friendly staff. As we’ve now decided on our next destination this is a farewell dinner as VeeWee and Nic will be heading west to Casino while the rest of us will return to the coast, this time to Darlington Beach.

‘The big smoke’ – any town bigger than the one you are in.

The Coraki, serving fine ales since 1865

5 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Day 70 – A shitty start

  1. Oh my word – not a good start. It reminds me of the time that Dyno Rod borrowed one of my hair ties to assist with something to do with a sewer. They advised me that I wouldn’t want it back.
    No shit!


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