Banned on the Run, Day 69 – Rolling along with the river

Day 69 Tuesday 18/8/20 Coraki, sunny 23

Richmond Terrace, Coraki, NSW

Birds sing, loudly. The sun sparkles on the river. Locals cheerily jog and walk their dogs along the path. One local woman tries very hard to walk faster each day as she passes us. We shout out plenty of encouragement. This is a delightful spot. The boys pop over to the pub to have a beer and pay for another 4 days. Oh, yes please!

VeeWee and I take walks around the block with little Nic. El Prado continues to light the fire early. Cane burns in the distance. The days roll on and at last we’re just rolling with it, moving to the pace of the river. Losing track of days and time, getting up when we wake and sleeping when we’re tired.

Old verandas, Richmond Terrace, Coraki, NSW
Evening on the Richmond River, Coraki, NSW

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