Banned on the Run, Day 73 Coraki to Darlington Beach

Day 73 Saturday 22/8/20 Coraki to Darlington Beach

We farewell VeeWee today, she’s going inland but only up the road to Casino. We’re returning to Darlington Beach on the Coffs Coast. We chug off down a now very familiar A1 freeway with a stiff tail wind pushing us. As we turn onto Solitary Islands Way another caravanner radios us to say that one of our bathroom hatches is flapping. Sure enough, the hatch above the toilet the one which had developed a crack at Wooli has been picked up by the tail wind and snapped backwards towards the front of the van. We had already talked of replacing it on our return home, this has just accelerated things. UV makes these plastic hatches very fragile. Woody climbs up and puts a patch over it with loads of gaffer tape.

It was already a mess, now it’s buggered!

NRMA Darlington Beach is a resort style park with spacious sites set in acres of bush land complete with kangaroos. There’s a nine hole golf course, a bowling green and a cafe.

The wind continues to howl so we have happy hour in the covered bbq area, and as always we have it all to ourselves.

Double or Nuthin’ and Shirley Temple ring from Cannonvale. Shirley mentions how things are different this year and we both agree. The holiday feel just isn’t there and we’re constantly on alert. Wash your hands. Keep away from others. What’s the tally today? Is that here or at home?

We have prawns for dinner from the mobile Prawn Man who calls regularly on all the parks on this coast.

Accom: $31.31

Travelling Kms: 151Kms

NRMA Darlington Beach

5 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Day 73 Coraki to Darlington Beach

  1. Maybe your “holiday” this year lacks a special spark for you but it certainly seems to me you’re having a lovely time exploring places, eating at quirky old pubs and enjoying the peaceful environments.


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